Monday, 9 July 2007

Cloud Seeding

I find that trivia and the minutiae of daily life are a great source of stimulation or inspiration or maybe just stimulation. I'm working on a new project requiring a wide spread of starting point concepts and it is the tiniest things, like a word on a poster or a book in a bookstore I hadnt seen, that can trigger an idea. It's a bit like cloud seeding. Including the fact that you dont know if it actually produces more rain on the ground. For those who dont know about cloud seeding (& I must admit i was pretty hazy on it) I thought this was really interesting btw:

"The largest cloud seeding system in the world is that of the People's Republic of China, which believes that it increases the amount of rain over several increasingly arid regions, including its capital city, Beijing, by firing silver iodide rockets into the sky where rain is desired. There is even political strife caused by neighboring regions which accuse each other of "stealing rain" using cloud seeding. About 24 countries currently practice weather modification operationally. China also plans to use cloud seeding in Beijing just before the 2008 Olympic Games in order to clear the air of pollution" (Wikipedia)

Anyway here are a couple of fragments to show what I mean by trivia and minutiae. Both gave me ideas:

- did you know that readers of my green marketing blogs tend to visit proportionately less at the weekend than readers of this one? Could be all sorts of reasons but I like to think greens switch their computers off when they arent at work (I dont - partly because there isnt a really clean line between life & work, not leat because I work from home - but maybe I should)

- ethical dilemma of the day. I saw someone handing out those cheap phone call cards in the high street today. I took one because I figured she got paid to hand a certain amount out and no-one else seemed to be interested. But then I wondered if by taking this piece of card I was supporting an industry of needless flyers and cards - if we all refused they'd have to stop and it wouldnt take too many of these tacky, glossy cards to equal a plastic shopping bag.

Come to think of it I think I just glimpsed a half idea that relates to cloud seeding itself. Better go and work it up b4 bed :J

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shivajirao said...

Today China is the world leader in cloud seeding as it employs 37,000technicians for cloud seeding operations to produce annually extra rainfall of 60 to 55 billion cubic meters at the cheapest cost of US.$0.02 per cubic meter.Amost all the Chinese Meteorologists being highly patriotic,the Chinese Academy of Sciences researched for 40 years and certified that cloud seeding is an effective method to fight the recurring droughts to save agriculture and thereby farmers lives.But in poor countries like india which blindly follow the US line of thinking that cloud seeding is not a proven technology and hence it should not be practised until more money is given to US Meteorologists who at their leisure may agree to go ahead with cloud seeding operations.This a pure negative approach because if a technology has not been able to produce the expected results any honest worker tries to find out the reasons for failure and makes good suggestions to improve the technology.But why the US Academy of sciences and Indian Scientists plan to deny the farmers the right to water by refusing to copy China to tap the most abundant sky-water so that agriculture will prosper and national economy becomes stronger?Why the educated members of the planning commission along with economic experts remain silent spectators while farmers are committing suicides due to scarcity of water for drinking and irrigation in many states in India.
prof.T.Shivaji Rao