Thursday, 18 October 2007

titles and words

I passed this graphic in a shop window in the back streets of Shoreditch the other day. I've since discovered it is the title of a straight talking introduction to the world of being a professional designer. The thing that upset me at the time was not the rude word, so much as the wording. I'd have much prefered


(so that it sounded like a classical syllogism; eg like the famous ALL CRETANS ARE LIARS)

call me old fashioned


ps it looks like quite a good book though

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RebeccaWho said...

I bought that book because of the rude word. Expecting it to be quite contentious. It was a good book, but disappointingly, It wasnt that contentious.

I run a series of debates ( and Lee came down to talk at one named after the book....this debate turned out to be one of my most controversial, well attended and interesting debates!