Sunday, 9 September 2007

Does Anybody Know 'Guy Decoene'?

Quote from a two star review of my last book from Guy Decoene if that's his real name:
"The Sirco brand is a prominant exemple of new-marketing-branding-and-so-on... in this book. To bad the brand has been taken out of the market recently ... :-) "

Actually no the Sirco brand was an example which hadnt launched when I wrote, which I presumed would be marketed badly. The point in the book was what they should have done - which they didnt. He's based in Belgium, if you know him can you send him this as a two star review of his review? Maybe invite him to explain himself?

Or maybe it was someone with sour grapes about something, in which case why such a lame line of attack?

Lots of brand featured in business books dont maintain their success. There's that quote from Tom Peters saying the in Search of Excellence case studies may have failed; but it was "the right principles, just the wrong examples". I'd be more inclined to say that success is ephemeral and nobody (including business authors) are always right. Except in this case.


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